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My fee for services rendered is billed at a rate of $175 per session for Individuals & Families, $200 per session for Couples and Drug & Alcohol Assessments. Insurance companies (if clients choose to use them) are also billed at this rate. Please note IDRP/DUI evaluations are SELF-PAY ONLY at a rate of $200 per hour, including time spent completing any necessary forms. Copays, deductibles and self-payments are expected at the time of each appointment unless other arrangements have been made with me ahead of time. Please keep in mind that as the individual receiving services that it is you who are ultimately responsible for paying me for services rendered.  I opt to accept insurance reimbursements as a form of payment for services. However, if your insurance is not active or if for any reason chooses to reject claims for services rendered then it is YOU as the client that are responsible for making sure I am paid (at my billed rates) in a reasonable and timely manner.  I ask my clients to remain aware of this and to recognize that available time I set aside for clients is limited throughout the week and the value of that time together is high. Thus, I ask that my clients please treat it that way when the time comes for making sure I am paid for services.
Once in a while scheduling conflicts arise for clients and appointments need to be canceled - no worries. I simply ask that you call me at least 24 hours in advance. Please also be mindful that emails are not an adequate means of such notification. Failure to give adequate notice will result in your being billed my full appointment fee of $175 for Individuals & Families, $200 for Couples and Drug & Alcohol Assessments (excluding Medicaid covered clients).  Insurance companies will only pay for services rendered and cannot be billed, nor will they reimburse for no-shows or late cancelations.  
If opting to use your health insurance I suggest you verify your mental health and/or substance abuse services coverage when you arrange your first visit.  If authorizations are needed it is your responsibility to secure them directly from your insurance company and to supply me with any authorization numbers. Please know your policy; know your co-pay, your deductible and any limits of your treatment costs paid by your insurer. This can save us both a lot of hassle. Please be aware of any changes in your insurance coverage and bring them immediately to my attention.
Please make checks payable to: Marc D. Richter, PLLC.




Cash, Check, All Major Credit Cards, Self-Pay, Insurance Reimbursements, Square, Venmo and Paypal.


I have a professional medical biller who does all my insurance and private bill processing, Karolyn Micheels of Claims Connection, and she can answer any questions related to insurance and billing.  She works across the lake in Plattsburgh, NY and is under the same professional standards and rules related to confidentiality and HIPAA.  Karolyn takes care of sending out invoices for co-payments/deductibles and sends claims to insurance companies.  If you have any questions about your insurance, feel free to email her at or you can call her work number: 1-800-775-1585.


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