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Individual, Family and Couples Counseling



I typically meet with clients for about 55-60 minutes for our initial meeting. During that first meeting I will consult you on the issues that you would like to explore during the bulk of our work together.  I will be interested in hearing what you think is most pertinent and what has brought you to our meeting. During the next few sessions we continue to look at the main issues for which you are seeking help. Around the fourth session is a good time for both of us to evaluate how well we are working together and whether or not we wish to continue our conversations. While it is an ongoing process, it's also a great time to look at whether we are sufficiently focusing on the issues you wish to address.  


As always, client feedback and input about what is and what is not working, is key to the healthy development of a trusting therapeutic rapport.  It also goes without saying that client motivation toward the process is essential.  As you become more deeply engaged in the work I will continue to challenge you to identify areas for self-improvement and at times point you in directions that I may believe are worth your attention and further inquiry.


Ultimately, I will work hard to help you embody your best self.

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