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Marc D. Richter, LICSW, LADC




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Multi-Brain Inquiry (MBI)
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      We have at least three (3) brains: The head, the heart and the gut.  I view each of these intelligences as speaking in their own separate way, in their own style and in there own voice.  As a therapist, I strive to help clients in their process of growth to find a balance of self-inquiry that actively involves their integration and use of all 3 brains - heart, head and gut. We must not only listen to all 3 voices of our intellect; we must also gain a greater understanding of the Intellectual Power Imbalances that exist between them. Only then can we identify and repair the roadblocks that interfere with accessing the fuller, deeper wisdom within each of us.

      Our prior experiences, environments and upbringing can influence and have the effect of unbalancing our level of inquiry in ways that leave us in situations, jobs, relationships and dynamics that result in our needs and wants not being met.  Indeed, if one cannot have an effective and thorough process of checking in deeply within oneself  how can they adequately identify, much less communicate their needs and wants with others.  My Multi-Brain Inquiry approach to my work with clients operates on the assumption that many things affect us in life such as losses, traumas, attachments, relationships, experiences, family of origin, but knowing how to conduct a thorough process of self-inquiry is essential to our journey of navigating our way through life's peaks and valleys.  I help clients learn to listen more attentively and evenly to all three intelligences and to apply this wisdom to their lives in ways that more deeply promote their growth. 

You can find more information about Multi-Brain Inquiry (MBI) here -->

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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