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Evaluations & Counseling


DUI's are expensive on all kinds of levels.  If you are lucky, no one has been physically hurt as a result of your DUI.  If someone did get hurt, well then, you are probably taking this very seriously by now.  The costs alone are enough to necessitate a counselor.


The IMPAIRED DRIVER REHABILITATION PROGRAM (IDRP), previously known as PROJECT CRASH following a DUI typically involves a counseling component and that is where I come in. I also do my own evaluation of you (2-3 sessions) and if I think you are not ready to drive because you still present a danger to the community then I guarantee you will not be driving, at least not legally or without an alcohol interlock device.  But, if you do the work, I will help guide you through the process as best I can.


I start by doing a drug and alcohol evaluation, evaluating ones relationship to alcohol as well as other drugs. This assessment process takes a few sessions. Then we do the minimum four (4) required treatment sessions.  Sometimes we meet for as few as six (6) sessions total and I am satisfied that folks present a low risk to re-offend - other times it takes more. Every individual has different needs and I assess and customize the treatment plan to match those needs.


Put simply: I am not here to create guilt, deliver judgement or label people. I believe I am a fair partner in the process of folks getting their licenses back.  Going through a DUI experience can be very humbling.  I meet individuals with this compassionate understanding in mind.  That said, clearly mistakes have been made. I ask folks to start with taking that basic ownership - and most people do. If folks can't at least start there then I suggest they're not ready for the work and I respectfully ask them not to call me and waste both of our time.


The process of IDRP/CRASH counseling comes to this: I am here to compassionately assist people in determining their goals and to help them meet them.  When they have met them (and by definition are at low risk to re-offend), I give them the "green light" to finish up their Exit Interview with IDRP/CRASH and they are driving again...SAFELY.  

If you believe you are ready to start the process and get the ball rolling then give me a call.


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