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I provide a variety of counseling services.  Individual therapy makes up the bulk of my work with folks, but I also meet with families, couples and periodically run groups.

I regularly conduct adult ADD/ADHD assessments and substance abuse assessments as well.


As noted, above, individual treatment services make up the bulk of my practice but I enjoy meeting with couples and families as well.  I typically meet with clients on a weekly basis.  Some clients are interseted in coming for just a few meetings, others want to meet in a more extended fashion. I do both.   
I regularly conduct substance abuse screenings, evaluations and assessments for clients needing to get a better handle on their relationship to alcohol and other drugs.  I'm passionate about helping this population see that their life stories can improve dramatically as they find increased life balance and authenticity of self.
When alcohol and driving come together it is not a pretty picture.  For those Driving Under the Influence, when caught, the process of getting back on the road can be challenging.  I help people do that again but safely - after they have thoroughly explored the issues that led them there. 
Court Diversion is a useful program that reduces congestion in the local court system.  I conduct court diversion evaluations on a regular basis.  I work with the program's case managers to help clients receive a positive experience out of the program and to help them learn from their mistakes without getting a record. 
I provide clinical supervision and training to mental health and substance abuse clinicians working toward their licensure, early career therapists and/or therapists simply wishing to benefit from high quality clinical supervision.  I also provide assistance to clinicians wishing to set up a private practice. If you are setting up your private practice and need assistance, feel free to contact me. I provide clinicians a step-by-step guide for making the process relatively painless along with a few "tricks" of the trade to help you get your private practice off the ground quickly and successfully.
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