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Parenting & Educational Info Sheets, Links, Books

I've attempted to provide as many educational links as possible.  

I hope they are of use to you.

Suggestions & Feedback are always appreciated!



Hazelden Publishing - link to books, videos, articles, etc... - Treatment - similar but slightly different to above. - Recognizing the signs & symptoms of drug use and addiction. 

All teens are at risk of substance abuse and other serious

issues. But you are their #1 influence. Kids are surrounded

by pressures and influences. Make sure you are armed with

the latest and most accurate info—so you can be the best

influence possible.

Vermont Alcohol and Drug Information Clearinghouse

The Parent Toolkit - For parents and caregivers about how to talk to youth about drug abuse.

"A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain"

Science-based online resource from the Partnership for Drug-Free America. The site offers an understanding of the teenage brain, and tips and tools for communicating with teens, and helping them to make good choices for themselves.

Partnership for a Drug Free AmericaWhat parents need to know about youth cough medicine and prescription drug abuse.

National Alcohol and Drug Information Clearinghouse - Prevention materials.

National Institute on Drug Abuse - List of commonly abused prescription drugs and their street names.

Medline Plus - National Library of Medicine - Search engine to learn more about all types of drugs. - General information about drugs, treatment, Forums, Blogs, etc...

National Organization of Students Against Substance              Abuse -  Signs and symptoms of drug abuse in teens.

Faces & Voices of Recovery.Org - tons of educational & general treatment info - Treat center info and general drug info.

Opioid Addiction and Treatment

"Removing the Stigma" - tons of educational articles; I cannot vouch for the treatment center it is attached to.

SAMHSA - Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services Admin.

College Drinking - Info on Alcohol abuse/College Drinking



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