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YOU DID IT!!!!!!!

You found the elusive "back entrance" to my website.  I think finding this page says something about you, something GOOD. You are probably curious, motivated to understand, maybe detail oriented or just want to be informed.  Either way, it’s good.  Change comes from experimentation and the actions of exploring. When clients ee me, that is exactly what we are going to do!


Here I will post clips of some music to lighten the mood.  My interests are very diverse, but likely delayed. I don’t have the time to keep up with the whole music scene today, too much.  I will periodically change the music on this page. I will also add some ridiculous wacky stuff to this page. It's my opportunity to show you both a little bit about me personally and also just a way to show you that life has to to be lived - let loose a bit as long as it is safe. So that is what I do here. And sometimes it sits for months unchanged!  Please let me know if any of it is offensive. I am VERY open to feedback! Additions on this page can be seriously influenced by the ADHD in me.   Enjoy! This is a let loose, relax and have fun page. And since I own my own business, screw it, I can do this stuff!!! 

Anytime, Anywhere

A Little Music To Lighten The Mood!

Crazy Marbles - This is just pure fun!

Marc D. Richter, LICSW, LADC

Marc D. Richter, LICSW, LADC - Practice Space.         

Darby - The Therapy Dog

I used to periodically have Darby, a Kerry Blue Terrier join my sessions.  She's gone now and so missed but I have a new Kerry named Rosie.

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