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Court Diversion Screening, Assessments & Education


Your participation in a VT state Court Diversion program may have led you to me.  I regularly work with clients participating in a court diversion program.  I conduct comprehensive substance abuse screenings and assessments which are usually a requirement of participants. The minimum number of meetings is usually two (2).  


Court Diversion is a restorative alternative for individuals charged with a crime. After police issue a citation for violating the law, the state’s attorney decides whether to refer the person out of the court system to the community-based Court Diversion program.

Vermont’s Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program (YSASP) is designed as a way to hold young people accountable for breaking the law against underage drinking and posssession of marijuana (an ounce or less), to educate them about the consequences and risk of substances, and to identify youth with potential substance abuse problems so they might receive treatment. It is run by Court Diversion. 

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