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Welcome to My Practice!

I look forward to being of help to you. Consulting with a therapist is courageous, and it takes guts. It also takes heart and brains. You have them all. Why not use them in harmony?


Dare to explore a new life. A life with increased clarity.  A life with a willingness to experiment with yourself.  A life in which you more deeply embody who you really want to be.

I DON'T USUALLY DISCLOSE THIS LEVEL OF PERSONAL INFO BUT IT FEELS RELEVANT TO SHARE AT THIS TIME: For the time being my practice is on hold/medical leave following recent major back surgery. 

The surgery yielded some good results thus far but I am currently following doctors orders "TAKE CARE IN ORDER TO GIVE CARE."   




 As much as I truly value in-person, live sessions with clients, the majority of my counseling services are still being provided 100% virtually utilizing encrypted DOXY or other telehealth platforms.

Doxy is very easy to use. Just tap this link:Start a telemedicine call with Marc... and I'll see you there!

In September I am jacking up my bandwidth connection speed and upgrading to the professional level of DOXY which upgrades to better video and sound quality!!!!


 Once I return to work, I'll be offering clients who are up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations in person meetings again! 

This may also change depending on public health patterns. I and my family are double boosted and I would expect my clients to remain "boosted."

 Telehealth will continue to be an option that I offer into the foreseeable future.

What I Do
How I Focus On People
My Vision

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