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Learn to listen to your emotions - Your body and your well-being will thank you!

This short piece on listening to your emotions is worth your time. Richard Miller writes about the usefulness of recognizing that emotions blow through your body often activating your "nervous system to release chemicals into your bloodstream that can pull your focus and energy away from other matters." As Mr. Miller points out in his article, we often label strong emotions the enemy, but any attempts to avoid them are futile as they always return or manifest themselves in some manner or another. Naming emotions and describing the feelings that make up our experience are essential to our well-being. Observing, identifying and then responding to our emotions is the game. Emotions are informative. They want to be connected to because when we do so we have more information about how to interact within our world. When we are angry or frustrated, identifying such feelings helps us to take action. Miller ends his article stating, "emotions are messengers, here to deliver information about empowering actions you need to take in your life and relationships." I couldn't agree more. Give this article a look!

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