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The Intellectual Bully: A brief overview of the Intellectual Power Imbalances and their important ro

I'm finally writing more about how I conceptualize the use of the Multi-Brain Alignment Model and integrate it into my work with clients. The Multi-Brain Alignment Model involves striving to create a balance of listening to all three brain intelligences, the Gut, the Heart and the Head. In order to accomplish such a balance one needs to explore what I have termed the "Intellectual Power Imbalances." There is often a bully in the the "room" and it needs outing.

What is meant by “Intellectual Power Imbalances?”

Implicit to the Multi-Brain Alignment model is the concept that each of the three intellects, the head, heart and gut should be “speaking” in unison as much as is possible. The main premise suggests the more they are aligned, the more content ones experience. For a moment, think of the head, heart and gut as three separate intellectual entities and personalities each campaigning for more brain airtime. Each wants to have a voice and be heard. Yet, often one of the intellects becomes more dominant over the others, much like an Intellectual Bully if you will. The imbalance within this Intellectual Social Order may simply be a natural result of our prior experiences, environments, and upbringing. However, it can serve to influence and have the effect of unbalancing our level of inquiry in ways that leave us in situations, jobs, relationships and dynamics that result in our needs and wants not being met. This is so because not all the intellects are being given ample opportunity to submit their viewpoints. Ones’ way of thinking and doing can be Head-Dominant or Heart-Dominant or in rare instances Gut-Dominant.

For example: Think of the individual who enters one unhappy relationship after another. They stay in each one far longer than they should, each time giving far too much credit to the potential of what they believe the relationship may have. Emotions and passion typically lead the way. They may be swayed too strongly by words, by sex or by the romantic image of what they want verses what is actually in front of them. The logical head brain and the gut brain telling them to run are silenced into corners. This is one example of Heart-Dominance whereby the heart is calling too many of the shots. Unless this unbalanced approach of self-inquiry is properly righted the individual is doomed to repeat the mistakes of their past.

How is the Intellectual Power Imbalances Identified?

Identifying the intellectual power imbalances involves conducting a deep exploration of the relationships between the three intellectual competencies - the Gut, the Heart & the Head. This is achieved by reviewing one’s significant history and through the exploration of meaningful experiences and events that allow for greater understanding of the Intellectual Power Imbalances that may exist between the three brains. The understanding of these power imbalances in and of themselves directs one toward areas that need strengthening and repair. Armed with these insights one can be on the lookout for the dominant brain and very purposefully focus on yielding the floor more often to the voices of the historically less dominant brain(s).

Why is it important? How will it help me to be more satisfied with my life?

If one cannot have an effective and thorough process of checking in deeply within oneself how can one adequately identify, much less communicate their needs and wants with others. Without utilizing this essential component to the process, one cannot possess a full understanding of how to actually integrate and weight the "data" available. One cannot identify and repair the roadblocks that interfere with our voices being granted full inclusion to the wisdom available to us and within us.

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