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We Already Have the Answers Within Us!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Listening to your Gut

I have been thinking about the Multiple Brain Integration (or Multi-Brain Inquiry) Model that I developed and use with my clients. For someone to really embrace this model they must examine and give themselves credit for their level of perseverance throughout their earlier struggles in life. They must recognize that they are strong and that they are brave; that on some level they know they have the strength to navigate whatever comes before them - because after all, they always have. If we assume this, that we will “make it no matter what”, then we begin to allow ourselves the will to consider all the voices within us.

Among the three voices of intelligence, the Gut is the truest voice that we have. It loves us and honors us the most. We must allow for trust to stand before fear. Just like a family member or a best friend who sometimes tells us things we don’t want to hear but does so because they love us, the Gut is no different.

For the truths within the gut to shine through, such that they may be noticed, it requires us to set aside judgement of what we may find.

The process thus involves setting aside such fears and letting go.

It requires that we allow for a willingness to relinquish the "definition and shape" of what we would like to find in favor of what is actually there.

It then requires an attitudinal acceptance that we are already prepared for whatever presents itself to our increased awareness.

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